Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The Committee met on Tuesday 3rd December at the Hon Sec’s home in Ilmington. Peter Quinn, Michael Haynes, Sophia Lewis-Skeath and Keith Murphy presented their apologies. As the President, John Nicholls, needed to leave the meeting early, he suggested that Chris Povey take the chair for continuity.

  1. The Minutes of the September meeting were agreed without amendment.
  2. Matters arising were:-

    2014 Dinner, 1st Feb: reported that no deposits were required. Details were on the website.

    North Oxon towers letter: still to do; CMP/PQ;

    Guild artefacts database: Peter Q has looked at 2 towers; his others are still outstanding;

    Old Minute Book: its deposit has been booked to Gloucester Archive in Feb. Andrew to take Peter Q to obtain book from Steve Bowley before then;

    EIG Guild insurance: renewal is up from £273 £285. Enquiries suggest no cheaper elsewhere. Michael D prop. and Stuart sec. it be paid: carried;

    AGM feedback: there seemed to be no donations towards the teas this time. This would have been added to the bell restoration fund;

    Inter-Shires Comp: a letter had been received from Alan Marchbank (Oxon judge) saying it had been a good event. It was suggested that we should have other towers available for teams to ring at. Need to have a copy of the Rules available at the event;

    Peal books: Andrew yet to finish a definitive listing before it goes to Sandra Parker. He hoped to finish this over the Xmas period, and will then distribute to all for discussion at the next meeting;

    Newsletter production: Chris presented a list of the components he is seeking assistance with. He will email these to all members for further discussion at the next meeting.

  3. Reports: the following are highlights:-

    Hon Secretary: Andrew said he had sent a thank you letter to the Pennys for the assistance with the AGM at Offenham;

    Treasurer: Michael D presented his report (circulated prior to the meeting). He reported the Guild has 175 members. Michael wanted values of surplus inks and paper as at 31/12/13 given to him, so he can compile the 2013 accounts;

    Fixture Sec: Stuart is compiling the list for the next Newsletter;

    Newsletter Editor: the January issue is coming together and is likely to be 14 sides, although this can change very easily. The Oct edition had been printed by Peter Q, Stuart and Chris at home, because it had been expedient to do so in this case;

    Mid-week (Vice-President's) Tours co-ordinator: it was reported that there was a surplus of £163.08 from these tours, which will be transferred to the BRF;

    CCCBR reps: Chris reported on an incident that had been reported to the Towers & Belfries Committee. It concerned a bell that had fallen through the belfry floor and partly through the Ringing Room ceiling at Kilmersdon after a gudgeon had failed. The CC President has asked the T&BC for a report. Also, the President had her monthly blog available on the CC website;

    Bell Restoration Fund: There were two applications: Wichford and Dumbleton; the former for ropes and refurbishing the pulleys; and the latter for refurbishing and renewing pulleys, turning the tenor 180º and welding the historic CI bellframe. To give some guidance on size of grants it was decided to aim for 5% of cost and a bonus if relevant: both aspects only where funds allowed. Whichford was granted £150 and Dumbleton £350 (both amounts prop and sec as reqd, and carried).

  4. Items for discussion:-

    Striking Comp certificates: still outstanding. Action, Peter Q and Sophia;

    Non Resident Life Membership: arising from the AGM. Thought insufficient members present to discuss adequately. Leave to Feb meeting;

    Membership Rules: new members should not be elected at AGMs, but through Committee meetings, as Guild Rules. The AGM members will be allowed to stand this time. Chris Povey put forward Mark Newbury for membership, as the Rules;

    Xmas Party: Stuart to run a raffle;

    2014 events and locations: AGM and Striking Comp; Chris ask that we consider 3rd Sat in Oct, location to be decided; Minimus Comp and Inter-Shires to alternate; Minimus in 2014 (Sept?) and Inter-Shires in 2015. Guild Ringing Tour 1st w/end in July (Richard L-S to arrange?); Guild Walk in Sept.

Next Meeting: Tues 18th Feb 2014, Ilmington.

(NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)