Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Mickleton & Ilmington ringers' luncheon

Twenty ringers and their partners attended the annual Christmas Luncheon at the Three Ways Hotel, Mickleton (home of the Pudding Club), on Sunday 8th December. Everyone joined in the festive spirit with fancy hats, crackers and men wearing Christmas theme ties. Following an excellent meal, Fran Chapman recited an introductory piece of poetry as follows:-

Well, here we are, another year's gone by,
And in that time we've drunk the pubs dry!
We've practised hard on Tuesday night,
Some villagers closed their windows — in fright?
We rang a quarter when Chris was eighty,
He keeps on ringing slow and stately.
We've rung Grandsire, Grandsire and Grandsire
And when we're brave we try Bob Minor.
So from you next year I expect great things
And not a load of noisy ding, dong, dings!

Nicola Amphlett read a suitably adapted piece from a tome by Pam Ayres relating to being late. (No prize for other ringers guessing to whom this referred!). Pam McFarlane and Chris Righton rendered an equally enjoyable narrative — this time self-composed.

John Kinchin spoke on behalf of both Tower Captains, giving thanks to all the ringers at both towers, particularly those who regularly travelled distances to practices and Service ringing — and to their partners for their forbearance. Our Poet Laureate (Chris Righton) had prepared a suitable 'thank you' to Fran, our luncheon organiser:

We're a difficult lot to organise,
But if you can, you get a prize.
For organising this our Christmas date
We thought you would appreciate
Our small offering of CHOC-O-LATE!

John Kinchin