Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The Minimus (Minnie Mouse) Striking Competition

This year's competition took place as advertised on a genuine ring of 4, the first time for a very long time. Our thanks go to Wyck Rissington's PCC for allowing us to hold it there, and to Andrew Ransom for letting us in. Three teams plus a scratch team battled for the trophy, which, for the last three years, has been held by 'The Committee', a team comprising committee members. Last year, Mickleton came very close to knocking 'The Committee' off the winners' podium.

Congregating outside waiting for the stragglers to turn up!

Again as advertised, this is the Guild's 'fun' striking competition. There's no rising and falling, and there's little stress in ringing Minimus (but see later). Our judge was Simon Adams from Yardley.

We had to wait while some of the participants found Wyck Rissington (one didn't at all!). During this wait Andrew Roberts discovered a method called Wyck Rissington Hybrid Minimus via his internet phone. We'd come to ring Minimus at Wyck Rissington and we'd found a method called Wyck Rissington Minimus! We vowed to give it a try, although not one of the teams thought they would ring it for the competition. Common sense won against valour: it would be tried afterwards.

Once sufficient ringers had found Wyck Rissington, the competition got underway. We had to ring four plain courses of any Minimus method, which amounted to 96 changes. The teams rang in the following order, shown with the marks given out of 96:-

Moreton              Bob Minimus              79        3rd
Wellesbourne         Bob Minimus              70        4th
'The Committee'      Bob Minimus              89        2nd
Scratch band         Double Bob Minimus       90        1st

Simon giving us the results

As the Scratch band was ineligible in this case, 'The Committee' team were once again the winners. This is the third year in succession. It's too many times; this team needs to be beaten. Please consider doing this at the next competition.

So what about Wyck Rissington Hybrid Minimus? We did ring it afterwards: Wyck Rissington at Wyck Rissington! Here it is in all its glory:-

It's a bit tricky until you get used to it. And another thing: it only runs to 21 changes. It doesn't really matter at this level, unless, of course, you include it in a peal of Minimus