Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Notices and Adverts


To be held on Saturday, 14th September 2013, at WYCK RISSINGTON, GLOS, (4, 6-2-27)

The 'Mini-Mouse' Striking Competition is to happen again this year. Remember, it's intended to be F U  N, so come along to have some fun. This year it will be on a genuine 4, so no messing about with a tenor covering.

It's an early evening event, with the competition just before the evening practice, so the programme will be as below.

6.00-7.00pm: Striking Competition
7.00-7.30pm: results in the church (or churchyard if nice), with cheers and groans as appropriate
7.30-8.15pm: evening practice ringing for those who haven't rung in the competition

Teams can be associated with a tower, or any four FSG paid up members can form a team with a name. No ringer can ring for more than two teams. All teams get a warm-up practice of 3 minutes. A maximum of about 10 whole pulls of rounds before the test piece, which is to be of at least 96 changes in any Minimus method. Rounds before and after not marked. No rising and falling in this event. That's it for the Rules!

Names of teams and ringers names in them to me by Saturday 1st September if possible; otherwise turn up on the day and 'fit in'.

Organiser (to whom all thanks, Ed): Peter Quinn 01789-840827 (

(The 'Committee' team won it last year - but only just. Surely there must be some who can wrest it away from them?)

Guild Walking Tour
Saturday September 28th.

Start at Moreton-in-Marsh, ringing 10-10.45am,
(please park carefully and considerately in this area)

Walk to Longborough and ring 12-12.45pm

Followed by Lunch at 'The Coach & Horses' or bring your own sandwiches (approx 1 - 2 pm)

Walk to Bourton-on-the-Hill and ring 3-3.45pm

Return to cars by about 5pm

As always this day is intended for anyone to enjoy: non-ringers who enjoy a walk and looking around our lovely churches and villages; ringers who prefer to drive between towers rather than walk; and of course those who enjoy both walking and ringing. The total distance walked is not great, around 6 miles and there are no hard hills. The organiser is Michael Haynes, who will lead it. If anyone has any queries please get in touch with .


At long last, the new Guild lapel badge is here. It is slightly different to the previous version, as its design is the same as the clothing badges (the now 'standard' Guild badge). It is slightly '3D' too, as the features are raised.
£4 each from the Hon Sec.

Historic Churches 'Ride & Stride'

The chance to help with the upkeep of ancient churches by being sponsored to cycle ride or walk between churches in the four Shires will occur on September 14th. Here are the websites:-

General site:-