Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Allen Turner has been busy with his camera again. He sent in the following photos, one of those attending the practice at Whichford on 8th June and the other of ringing at Saintbury on 22nd June.

Attending at Whichford were a goodly number:-
L-R: Mick Austin, John Wheeler, Ted Copson, Richard Lewis-Skeath, Sally Austin, John Carroll, Peter Kenealy, Eliza Lewis-Skeath, John Nicholls, John Hearn, Michael Haynes, Stuart Cummings, Michael Cummings, George Osborn, Hilary Bolton and John Bolton (and of course Allen Turner, who took the photo).

Ringing at Saintbury (unfortunately I cannot identify all).
From tenor round: Andrew Roberts (tenor), Clive Sparling (7th), ringer of 6th unidentified; ditto ringer 5th, Steve Bowley (4th), Joanne Roberts (3rd), Robert Chadburn (2nd), treble ringer unidentified.