Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 4th June

The Committee met on Tuesday 4th June at the Hon Sec's home in Ilmington. Sophia Lewis-Skeath, Michael Dane, Peter Quinn and Jackie Hands presented their apologies.

  1. The Minutes of the March meeting were agreed subject to a correction that no peal fee was to be levied, ie continue as-is.
  2. Matters arising were:-
    Confirmation re the date of the 2014 Annual Dinner was awaited from Peter Q, but the expected date is 1st Feb;
    The offer of 100 'hinge-pin-fix' Guild badges at £100 was agreed to be accepted (this had arisen due to an error by the supplier);
    No letter sent yet to the Oxfordshire towers who charge for ringing at them;
    Guild artefacts database: Chris and Stuart provided some date for this;
    Old Minute Book: the possibility of it being deposited with the CCCBR Library was raised as an option, but was eventually rejected as the security was not as high as wished. Andrew had a form for deposits to be made at Gloucester Archives, where security was the standard required. Form to be completed for next meeting;
    Guild EIG Insurance: this has not been as straightforward as expected, as even the published CC advice seems not to apply. The reply from EIG has been copied to the CC, who were unaware of the extra conditions that are being applied. Comments are awaited;
    Ringing Tour, July: all arrangements made for the week-end around Ludlow. Thanks to Richard L-S for this;
    Guild Walk on 28th Sept: Michael H to supply the final details for the Newsletter Notice;
    Minimus Comp, 14th Sept, Wyck Rissington: tower arranged; judge required (Peter Q to get); short evening ring afterwards 7.30-8.15pm
    Inter-Shires Comp: John suggested Harvington for this and will pursue this possibility;
    Offenham AGM arrangements: same format as before; Sophia L-S to obtain judge(s); Chris to liaise with Claire Penny re use of church or hall, an organist and the Vicar.
  3. Reports: the following are highlights:-

    Treasurer: although absent, Michael D submitted a written report. No problems at present with money or accounts;

    Membership Secretary: one more sub received;

    Fixture Sec: Stuart is steadily compiling the list for the next Newsletter. There were some suggestions for towers at which the Guild hadn't rung for some time;

    Newsletter Editor: Chris said the July issue is behind schedule again (!) and suggested a printing date of 11th July. Will probably be 14 sides this time. Will ask Peter Q to supply his Master's Report. The front page tower was agreed to be Willersey, as a large refurbishment of the bells had just been completed. Stuart to arrange a practice there within this period.

    Mid-week (Vice-President's) Tours co-ordinator: it was reported that Isobel Murphy is carrying a float of £149.78 for this event;

    CCCBR reps: there was nothing contentious at the meeting in Guildford, except, possibly, that a vote to raise the rep fees to £30 each was accepted. Keith reported that he will be standing down and therefore somebody will be required to replace him (election at Guild AGM);

    Bell Restoration Fund: an application had been received from Cropthorne for refurbishment work to a double pulley by Taylors, and the purchase of a length of polyester rope to replace six worn top ropes. All work complete (work of splicing 6 ropes done FOC by a Guild member). Agreed to give a grant of £60 towards this work. Andrew to inform the applicant and arrange payment.

  4. Items for discussion:-

    Peal books: the most recent peals list is required for Sandra to write then up. Chris and Peter K have the two peal books and need to liaise over what is available and how best to get the info to Sandra;

    FSG tea towel: Hazel Davies said she has a tea towel printed with the Guild's area of operation. It's framed. She has asked whether the Guild would like it, as she's wanting to dispose of it. None of the Committee recall a Guild tea towel. The Committee agreed to have it and left it with Stuart to liaise with Hazel over it.

  5. Any Other Business:-


Next Meeting: 3rd September 2013, at Ilmington.

(NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)