Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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In my regular monthly editorial contributions to the St Lawrence, Mickleton, church magazine, I always endeavour to create articles that can be of general interest and which are easily 'digested' by a wide cross-section of readers. Surprisingly, news items never seem difficult to originate, and reader response is always positive. However, last December I struggled to find suitable material and in almost desperation I included a request of financial support towards our bell rope fund. Not a good month for such an appeal, I thought!

Surprise, surprise! Within a week I had promises totalling £675 - and these promises have been fulfilled (the ropes have now been ordered).

To show appreciation to these kind subscribers, I invited each (plus their partners) to visit the belfry on Saturday 16th March, to join the ringers in a glass of wine. We preceded the event with a quarter peal attempt of Grandsire Triples, but sadly this came to grief about two-thirds through. Nonetheless, we invited the visitors through to the Ringing Chamber and gave them a chance to see what goes on in there and to 'have a go'. The ringers in the Q attempt were Mike Fairfax, Bill Sabin, Jackie Hands, George Osborn, Chris Povey, Andrew Gunn, Michael Dane and myself.

It proved a wonderful PR exercise and I thought it might provide ideas for readers of the FSG Newsletter.

John Kinchin

(See comment in Editorial. Ed)