Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 4th December

The Committee met on Tuesday 18th September at the Hon Sec's home in Ilmington. Stuart Cummings and Sophia Lewis-Skeath gave their apologies.

The Committee met on Tuesday 4th December at the Hon Sec's home in Ilmington. Peter Quinn and Keith Murphy presented their apologies. The President, John Nicholls, took the Chair

  1. The Minutes of the September meeting were agreed without amendment.
  2. Matters arising were:-
    Feedback from the Walking Tour and Inter-Shires Comp: both went well, with no apparent problems;
    Certificates for teams taking part in the Newing Shield comp: Peter Q was to contact Ted Copson about using those Pam devised. Michael D said he would speak to Ted in Peter's absence;
    Membership list for Newsletter distribution: Michael D will prepare an up-to-date one for the January printing;
    Guild Dinner: all arranged; no problems expected;
    Christmas Party location and food: Wellesbourne on Dec 15th (as Notice in Newsletter). Food and drink to be taken, as in past years;
    Guild lapel badges: Andrew updated by reporting that only the colour shade and a small technical detail are requiring agreement before an order. These were expected to be finalised very soon. The selling price was discussed and £4 was agreed (the first badges were £1 in the 1970s!);
    The CC letter from Chris Mew re the Future of Change Ringing: it was realised this only applied to territorial associations and therefore not to the Guild. No action would be taken;
    40th Anniversary Celebrations: March 30th is the actual date of the re-founding and it's a Saturday. Stuart reported that finding a tower is difficult, because it's Easter Saturday and many towers don't ring then. Bourton-on-the-Hill may be a possibility. The actual re-founding meeting was at the Church Rooms, Campden. It was suggested that there be a short celebratory meeting in there either before or after the practice at possibly Bourton-o-t-Hill. John to enquire about the Church Rooms for March 30th (see Notice.  Ed);
    Guild Personal Accident Cover: more investigation about this required;
    Guild Facebook: Roland Merrick has set up a Guild account for those in this network;
    AGM feedback: everything worked, and letters of thanks had been sent to the Vicar and the National Trust. Chris suggested a "normal" venue next year, as this rather special location had taken a lot of arranging.
  3. Reports: the following are highlights:-

    Hon Secretary: Andrew said he was hoping the lapel badges would be finalised in time for selling at the Guild Dinner (see Notice. Ed);

    Treasurer: Michael D presented his report (circulated prior to the meeting). He and Peter K have been unable to liaise about membership numbers, to tie down a definitive list. He also acknowledged payment for subs from Josh Lowe and Christina Ireland (for 2012/2013). Michael wanted values of surplus inks and paper as at 31/12/12 given to him;

    Membership Sec: numbers of members still do not tie up with Treasurer's list. Liaison on this is vital now, to establish correct numbers;

    Fixture Sec: Stuart is compiling the list for the next Newsletter. He said it would be important to ensure the current tower list goes on the website, even though the Newsletters would be one issue in arrears;

    Newsletter Editor: the January issue is coming together and is likely to be 16 sides. He suggested printing on Thurs 3rd Jan.

    Mid-week (Vice-President's) Tours co-ordinator: Michael H said he was organising the Feb tour, after Isobel advertised for such;

    CCCBR reps: Keith's written report said the CC President had her monthly blog available;

    Bell Restoration Fund: Chris reported Wyck Rissington's rehang complete. Their cheque for £350 would be presented at the Dedication Service on Dec 16th. Chris had yet to contact Bill Nash re Hinton. Welford's application for a grant towards their new belfry access ladder was discussed and £200 was to be offered.

  4. Items for discussion:-

    2013 events and locations; AGM and Striking Comp to be on 12th Oct, location to be decided; Minimus Comp on 14th Sept at, possibly, Wyck Rissington; Guild Ringing Tour w/end as last year 5-7th July (Richard L-S to arrange); Wendy Mace unable to arrange the Walking Tour, but Michael Haynes said he would do this (date and location to be agreed); Inter Shires on possibly 16th Nov.

    Peal Books and Peal Secretary: an item at the AGM highlighted that no peals are being written up in the Guild peal book. A peal secretary is required. Chris was asked to put a notice in the Newsletter;

    Guild artefacts, etc: Andrew has done considerable work on this, but more is required. Chris said we need to consider how we should do this at the next Committee meeting: agreed;

    Treasurer's old papers: Michael D said he had been given some very old records and wondered what should be done with them: to archives; and given to Hon Sec.

    EIG Guild insurance: Andrew reported that the cost of this had increased unreasonably following a reassessment. As time was short until renewal, it was agreed it should be paid, but other sources be investigated next year.

  5. Any Other Business:-

    Inventory of Guild documents: should have a list of these and who holds them: agreed;

    Names on Newing Shield: Chris enquired whether it should be "Moreton" or "Moreton-in-Marsh". Agreed as Moreton (as "Campden" already used on it)

Next Meeting: 5th March, Ilmington.

(NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)