Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The 2011 Inter-Shires Competition

The Guild's Inter-Shires striking competition took place on Saturday 17th November on the far from easy 6 at Long Compton (quite right; give them something to work at! Ed.). The judges, Lorna Curtis (representing Oxfordshire), Alan Roberts (representing Worcestershire), George Osborn (representing Warwickshire), Ann Jessop (representing Gloucestershire) and Ken Wakefield (representing the Guild) were seated in the room over the lych-gate suitably warmed on a chilly afternoon.

The first team to ring was last year's winners Drayton St Leonards, representing Oxfordshire, followed by Tewkesbury Abbey for Gloucestershire. The third team was Ilmington representing Warwickshire, nobly stepping in after the late withdrawal of Warwick. Finally, Pershore represented Worcestershire. The Rules were as the Guild's competition, ie, rise, 120 method and lower, all marked.

Last year's winners, Drayton St Leonards (for Oxon)

The eventually victorious Tewkesbury Abbey team (for Glos)

As expected the ringing was very good and after the faults were averaged out it was found to be a very close contest. Tewkesbury were the winners and Drayton the runners-up. As is our custom, 3rd and 4th places were not given. Tewkesbury's Captain, Malcolm Taylor, was presented with the trophy.

Ilmington, (for Warks)

Pershore (for Worcs)

Malcolm Taylor receiving the Inter-Shires Trophy

Thanks are due to Peter Kenealy for the church arrangements, Jackie Hands, Stuart Cummings and Andrew Gunn for their support and, most importantly, for the copious amount of food – and subsequently the washing up. Finally, I must say that the afternoon would not have been a success without our Ringing Master, Sophia Lewis-Skeath, who helped with everything.

Words: John Nicholls. Photos: Andrew Gunn

(Andrew G was encouraged to take a photo of El Pres with a floor mop in his hands. I have not used the photo here, as El Pres seems unsure what the object is, and how and for what it should be used. Ed)