Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Around the Towers

Peals, Quarter Peals and other special ringing:-

Quarter peal day in the Vale

Matthew Kemble organised three quarters around Evesham on Saturday 10th November, to give Josh Lowe of Harvington his first Q, and his grandfather, Tony Hartwell, his first inside to Grandsire Doubles. The "back end" at Evesham happened to be up at the time, so the last Q gave Matthew his "treat": a chance to ring Evesham's 36cwt tenor. Andrew Gunn had also wanted a Q on the big bells, so 2 hits for 1 throw! This Q was originally to be multi-Doubles, but, being on the heavy stuff, it was changed to SWAK (Something We All Know), to keep everything nice and steady. It was a successful day, with very creditable striking throughout.

Harvington, Worcs, 1260 Plain Bob Doubles: Josh Lowe 1, Martin Penny 2, Chris Povey 3, Claire Penny (C) 4, Matthew Kemble 5, Anthony Wheeler 6. 1st Q: 1 Congratulations Josh!!

Offenham, Worcs, 1260 Grandsire Doubles: Andrew Gunn 1, Matthew Kemble 2, Tony Hartwell 3, Roland Merrick 4, Martin Penny (C) 5, Chris Povey 6. 1st Q inside to Grandsire: 3.

Evesham (Bell Tower), Worcs, 1260 Grandsire Doubles: Andrew Gunn 1, Claire Penny 2, Roland Merrick 3, Martin Penny 4, Chris Povey (C) 5, Matthew Kemble 6. (On the back 6)

Blockley, Glos, 30th Sept, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Isobel Murphy 1, Steve Coleman (C) 2, Sue Coleman 3, Jeremy Meyrick 4, John Nicholls 5, Keith Murphy 6, Michael Haynes 7, Jonathan Tallis 8. Following the final service of the Rev Grahame Humphries after 10 years' ministry in this parish and to wish him and his wife Mary a long and happy retirement. (G&B Q, but locally newsworthy and contains FSG members)

Salford Priors, Warks, 1st Oct, 1280 Superlative S Major: Michael Gray 1, Peter Quinn 2, John Gwynne 3, Alan Hartley 4, Jonathan Tallis 5, Chris Mew (C) 6, John Nicholls 7, Mark Sayers 8.

Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos, 8th Oct, 1280 Cambridge S Major: Chris Mew (C) 1, Robert Reeves 2, Richard Lewis-Skeath 3, Alan Hartley 4, Jonathan Tallis 5, Karen French 6, John Nicholls 7, Peter Quinn 8.

Offenham, Worcs, 21st October, 1260 Plain Bob Doubles: Martin Penny 1, Claire Penny 2, Sandra Parker 3, Matthew Kemble 4, Chris Povey (C) 5, Stefanie Whittle 6. 1st Q: 6  Congratulations Stefanie!!

Chris, Stefanie (1st Q), Martin, Claire, Sandra and Matthew

Ilmington, Warks, 22nd Oct, 1280 Original Major: Julie Doyle 1, Alan Hartley 2, Chris Mew (C) 3, Robert Reeves 4, Peter Quinn 5, Mark Sayers 6, John Nicholls 7, Richard Lewis-Skeath 8.

Wellesbourne, Warks, 5th Nov, 1280 Manuka S Major: Michael Gray 1, Peter Quinn 2, Richard Lewis-Skeath 3, John Gwynne 4, Chris Mew (C) 5, Robert Reeves 6, John Nicholls 7, Mark Sayers 8.

Mickleton, Glos, 12th Nov, 1270 Spliced Triples & Major (Grandsire, Cambridge, Little Bob): Chris Mew (C) 1, Peter Quinn 2, Alan Hartley 3, Richard Lewis-Skeath 4, Mark Sayers 5, Robert Reeves 6, John Nicholls 7, John Gwynne 8. Rung to mark the 70th anniversary today of Alan Hartley's first ringing lesson.

Offenham, Worcs, 1st Dec, 1260 Doubles (Stedman, Grandsire, Plain, April Day): Robert Hall 1, Claire Penny 2, Tom Sandham 3, Roland Merrick 4, Chris Povey (C) 5, Anthony Wheeler 6. Rung as part of the Christmas Tree Festival in the Church. Also Happy Birthday to Phyllis Brazier (2nd Dec).


Salford Priors, Warks, 3rd Dec, 1344 Superlative S Major: Michael Dane 1, Freda Cleaver 2, Alan Hartley 3, Robert Reeves 4, Chris Mew (C) 5, John Nicholls 6, Mark Sayers 7, Richard Lewis-Skeath 8. Rung to mark the 60th anniversary of Freda's first peal, Superlative at Tring, Herts, on 29th Nov 1952 (in which she rang "inside"! Ed).

Pebworth, Worcs, 8th Dec, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Mike Fairfax 1, Andrew Baker 2, Keith Abbott 3, Chris Povey 4, Alan Griffin 5, Michael Haynes 6, John Nicholls 7 (C), Michael Dane 8. Rung – most unusually - in the Dorian Mode. Originally to have been PB Royal, but the tenor was found to be poorly. Probably first in the Dorian Mode for all!

Wellesbourne, Warks, 17th Dec, 1280 Newbold-on-Avon S Major: Michael Dane 1, Chris Mew (C) 2, Alan Hartley 3, James Ingham 4, Richard Lewis-Skeath 5, Robert Reeves 6, John Nicholls 7, John Gwynne 8.

Saintbury, Glos, 27th Dec, 1260 Plain Bob Triples: Jenny Chadburn 1, Sarah Chadburn 2, Robert Hall 3, Claire Penny 4, John Kinchin 5, Chris Povey 6, Robert Chadburn (C) 7, George Osborn 8. For Christmas. 1st on 8: 1

(Please let me have details of quarters. I cannot guarantee to see them on Campanophile, Bellboard, or wherever. I do some, but probably not all. Ed)


Robert Hall came across an old photo of a peal band that had successfully rung a peal of 6000 changes of Bob Major at Badsey. The band were local ringers, including the composer and conductor, Roger Savory. The peal, rung on 9th May 1956, is still the longest peal rung there. The ringers are, L-R: Gerald Hemming, Robert Hall, Colin Longmore, Geoff Hemming, Harry Wheatley, R Roger Savory, Tony Brazier (with hair! Ed), Wilf Newman.

Robert also reports that his son, William (a past member of the Guild, and now living and working in Portsmouth) was recently awarded a 2/1 BA (Hons) degree in Development and Business Studies from the University of Northumbria. Congratulations, William!