Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 18th September

The Committee met on Tuesday 18th September at the Hon Sec's home in Ilmington. Stuart Cummings and Sophia Lewis-Skeath gave their apologies.

  1. The Minutes of the June meeting were agreed without amendment.
  2. Matters arising were:-
    John still to confirm through investigation that no other Minute Books or suchlike are missing;
    The Committee decided that 5 extra Newsletters will be printed, with distribution at the discretion of the Committee. A Newsletter will always be sent to Kineton (HWRC); and this time to Chastleton and Salford, and to Hinton-on-the-Green, where there is a band being taught;
    The recent Ringing Tour and the Minimus Competition were both well-supported and judged successes. The Tour was particularly successful, as it was a week-end event, and thanks to Richard L-S were expressed. The Guild Walk on Oct 6th is fully organised (by Wendy Mace);
    AGM and Striking Comp arrangements: Chris reported the NT and parking arrangements are organised. Stuart C has arranged the Vicar for the Service, but is having difficulties with contacting a person over using the Church for the teas, but he is persevering. A judge is arranged. Other towers open is unlikely, but rise/method/fall certificates are hopefully being arranged. Keith M agreed to write a brief hand-out for the NT to distribute to visitors on the day. Chris to contact the NT;
    Inter Shires Competition: John said neither Longborough nor Naunton were suitable. Brailes was suggested, but Long Compton was thought to be better. Peter K would contact Trevor Hobday;
    Past Merit Award, missing dates: only evidence of it being awarded in 2000 was found;
    Life Members list: thought now to be complete and will be submitted for ratification at the AGM. New candidates for Life Members were discussed;
    Subscription collection of 'long distance' Unattached members: it is recognised this can be difficult. John agreed to assist with those on the Mid-Week Tours wishing to renew. Payment by internet bank transfer was suggested, now that the Guild accounts are accessed in this way by the Treasurer. Michael D said this was quite possible. It was agreed that this facility should be given. The account details would be published in the Oct Newsletter;
    Review of membership: list updated. Two new members from the Bidford peal were ratified. Some non-payers may have genuinely forgotten: remind the likely ones?
    Annual Dinner: 2nd Feb 2013, Moreton. Menu not finalised yet, but cost will be £21. A Speaker is required. Resolved to ask John Harrison of CC;
    Christmas Party: Dec 15th. Location to be chosen. Peter Q to obtain details for the Newsletter notice;
    Guild lapel badges: the standard badge (as on the front page. Ed) required minor alterations, as some detail disappears when it is made smaller. The Committee agreed to the alterations and agreed to the Secretary making an order. Winner's shields; it was agreed that the Sec place an order.
  3. Reports: the following are highlights:-
    Hon Secretary: the Guild's EIG Public Liability insurance required strange details for renewal. Peter Q agreed to contact EIG;
    Treasurer: Michael D presented his report (circulated prior to the meeting). No issues;
    Ringing Master: Sat nights are running OK;
    Membership Sec: a slight difference between Peter K's membership list and Michael D's to be sorted after the meeting;
    Newsletter Editor: Chris reported that John Taylor & Co have placed an order for a regular advert. The Oct issue was almost complete; printing was agreed as Thursday 27th Sept. This issue would only go to those who have paid the 2012 sub. Chris suggested that the Newsletter be displayed on the Guild website one issue in arrears, so that only paid-up members would have the up-to-date issue. Those members obtaining it from the web would be emailed the copy. This was agreed;
    Mid-week Tours co-ordinator: Isobel reported an average of 21 attending and £100 was given to Michael D for the BRF;
    Bell Restoration Fund: no further applications. Chris reported he was unhappy with Hinton's bird netting and requested a second opinion be sought. It was agreed that Bill Nash be asked to inspect. Chris to arrange. Freda Cleaver had asked whether there would be any objections to distributing a fund raising quiz at the AGM, in aid of the new Welford access ladder. No objections.
  4. Items for discussion:-
    Chris made the proposal that all income from advertising in the Newsletter goes to the BRF: agreed;
    Chris Mew's CCCBR letter and Ringing Foundation grant: agreed to defer to next meeting, when more info is known;
    Guild trophies valuation: to leave as is;
    40th anniversary celebrations: defer to next meeting;
    Guild personal accident cover: Andrew gave details of other guilds' cover. Do we require this? Will discuss at next meeting;
    Bourton-on-the-Hill: a nice 'thank you' letter was received after the June visit;
    2013 events: Tour 1st weekend in July; Minimus 2nd weekend in Sept; AGM 2nd weekend in Oct. Walk? Possibly (Wendy Mace to decide).
  5. Any Other Business:-

Next Meeting: 4th December, Ilmington. In 2013: 5th March, 4th June, 3rd Sept, 4th December

(NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)