Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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An excellent 240 of Plain Bob Doubles

George Osborn confounded my mentioning to him a short while ago at Broadway that all touches of Plain Bob coming round at handstroke are false. Well, they are (just try writing out the changes preceding rounds at handstroke and you will find they are the first lead of Plain Bob in reverse order); but not, as George discovered, when you mix such changes into a 240 of Plain Bob Doubles that repeats all the changes at handstroke and backstroke. As ever, the internet provided the goods. George called it (I think for the first time successfully) at Buckland for Sunday evening ringing there.

OK, you'll say, what's a Single in
Plain Bob Doubles? Here it is:-

54321	3rd's from the back.
53412	and then out. No
35142	long 5th's: just 2
31524S	blows in 5th's for
13254	the bell that would
13245	have made it, and
31425	in; the bell that
34152	would have made
43512	3-4 up runs out, 2
45321	blows in 5th's and in
13542 Bob
15243 Bob
13254 Single
14235 Single
12534 Bob
14523 Single
Repeat (2 part)