Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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102nd anniversary meeting at Blockley

L-R: Stuart Cummings, Michael Cummings, Laith Reynolds, Margaret Smith, Sue Bacon, Peter Kenealy, John Nicholls, Chris Povey, Richard Lewis-Skeath, Sophia Lewis-Skeath with Eliza, Allen Turner, Visitor from Herts, Anne Bourne, Ted Copson, Andrew Gunn. (Full marks to Sue for coming dressed to brighten the practices. Perhaps we should all do so).

The April Newsletter's front cover showed Blockley as the Tower of the Quarter. It was chosen because the date and location of the Saturday practice, 28th April 2012, coincided exactly with the Guild's very first ringing meeting after its founding, which was on 28th April 1910 at Blockley. Eighteen members and one visitor turned up to the practice, and methods ranging from Grandsire Triples, through Stedman Triples and Little Bob Major, to Yorkshire Surprise Major were rung.

There was a delightful little ceremony at the end when it was pointed out that John Nicholls, El Presidente, would be 80 in two days' time. This prompted the suggestion that a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' should be sung; and it was, with one or two recognising that Marilyn Munroe's "Happy Birthday Mr President" was the appropriate wording (but not one of them managed, or offered, to sing it in the seductive way Miss Munroe sang the original, which may have disappointed John).

After this little bit of FSG history was completed, it was suggested a photo of the assembled company should be taken to record the occasion. Unfortunately one or two had departed earlier in the practice, so not all who attended appear. Nonetheless, a goodly number are recorded for posterity.