Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The 2011 Mini-Mouse Striking Competition

The entry for this year's competition, held at Temple Guiting, was disappointing: two real teams and one scratch team. As this competition is supposed to be fun, one could conclude that most Guild members are averse to fun. Could it be that many members don't realise it doesn't include rising and falling, as in the Newing Shield competition, thereby making the whole thing easer? It may be neither of those, but something to do with ringing Minimus, and there are two possibilities here: that Minimus is difficult to ring (don't laugh: I've seen ringers normally happy with Doubles and Minor have trouble with Minimus!), or something to do with a religion that forbids them to ring 4-bell methods. Some might say this latter is an affliction known as 'ringing snobbery', but I couldn't possibly comment (if they want, they can ring Bristol Minimus - yes, there is such a method - and it really sorts out the grown-ups from the kids).

Whatever; can we please try to overcome any hang-ups about ringing Minimus before next year?

So, what happened at the competition? The real teams were The Committee and Moreton, the former ringing Minimus with tenor cover and the latter, in now time-honoured fashion, ringing the back 4. The scratch team blasted forward with Double Bob Minimus. John Gwynne was the judge. Although the scratch team had least faults, The Committee was declared the winner of the 'properly-constituted' teams. The trophy will presumably be awarded at the Annual Dinner. The Committee team comprised Andrew Gunn, Sophia L-S, Michael Haynes, Peter Kenealy and Chris Povey.