Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Dear Sir (Oh, the honour! Ed),

I often take my caravan to camp at Welland, near Malvern, and over the last five years I have made a few friends within the ringing fraternity (a bit like Norfolk George in our area).

The main reason for this note is to encourage ringers who go on holiday to go to the local towers and ring. I have always been made very welcome even if I am not of the standard of their normal ringing.

Here are a few towers where I usually ring when I am at Welland, with their ringing times. I know this information is available elsewhere, but thought it might be useful to one or two ringers if visiting the Malvern area:-

MondayEastnor10.00am (perhaps ringing with our Vice- President, Rev Dr Peter Newing)
Tues Hanley Swan 7.30pm
Wed Eastnor 7.30pm
Thurs Much Marcle 7.00pm (collect a sticker if first time In tower!)
Fri Castlemorton 7.30pm

Sunday Service ringing varies, eg, Hanley Castle is normally 10.00-11.00am, but not every week.
Other towers I know of:-

MonRipple (2nd Mon)7.30pm
  Strensham (4th Mon)7.30pm
  Malvern Link 7.30pm
Wed Twyning  
Thurs Kempsey  
Fri Dymock  

I hope this is some use to some ringers

Regards, Allen Turner

(Allen, on this basis you may be very interested in the proposal to have an 'away-weekend' for the FSG Ringing Tour next year. This is by no means fixed yet, but 'expressions of interest' are being sought by Richard and Sophia L-S.)