Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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El Presidente's Puzzle

As mentioned in the Editorial, El Presidente has devised a fiendish little puzzle for non-Crossword readers. It may not be a Crossword, but it will surely promote cross words. It is probably solved by fairly intricate mathematics (what do you expect from a maths teacher), and, because El Presidente is offering a prize of a bottle of wine to the first person with the correct answer drawn out of the hat, it clearly won't be easy. However, El Presidente has applied one restriction: Angela Newing is ineligible to compete, because she will definitely solve it! Please send your answers to John, to arrive no later than Sat 13th Aug 2011. Here it is:-

The 1st Campden Scouts set up camp in a field and coincidentally placed their flagpole equidistant from each of the four corners of the field. The sides of the field measured 56 metres, 48 metres, 52 metres and 44 metres. What is the area of the field (to the nearest 0.1sq.m)?