Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 10th March

The Committee meeting on 10th March was again held in Ilmington, through the kindness of the Secretary, Andrew Gunn. The Guild Master, Peter Quinn, was unable to be there, so the President was asked to chair the meeting. Both Jackie Hands and Peter Q sent apologies.

Matters arising included updates on:-

  1. the Worcs & Dists possible input to the Inter-Shires Striking Competition in November: they wish to defer a decision on this until the July meeting on their Central Committee;
  2. the Guild Ringing Tour: all now organised; (see Notice);
  3. further discussion on recording and archiving Guild artefacts in the area: a list of the towers within the Guild's area of operation will be compiled and committee members will each take a number to inspect;
  4. striking competition rules review: Bill had compiled a list of features from all types of striking competitions as relevant suggestions for discussion, and will supply the Secretary with this list so that it may be copied for distribution to committee members;
  5. a review of the Guild's constitution and rules: Andrew had compiled a list of his recommendations for updating, which were discussed by the committee. All had approval, pending further consideration subsequent to the meeting. Andrew was thanked for an excellent presentation, which pushes this aspect forward considerably;
  6. the terms on which books are loaned out from the Guild's library: Peter K outlined some suggestions for agreement.

Highlights of the reports from the various holders of posts included:

  1. Treasurer: gave an interim state of the finances;
  2. Ringing Master: no problems with the practices;
  3. Membership Sec: subscriptions are being paid: about 100 in so far;
  4. Child Protection Off: new legislation is being introduced that 'tones down' the requirements for CRB checks. Details awaited, but it is likely the Guild will not require the checks it would previously, as it has no direct contact with children;
  5. Newsletter Ed: April Newsletter very nearly finalised and wants to print before the end of March. Chris also mentioned the publishing deadlines that must be met for important items where sufficient notice to members must be given;
  6. Bell Restoration Fund: no further applications. Chris gave an update on the Temple Guiting augmentation project.

Items for discussion included:-

  1. feedback from the Dinner: this was judged to be a good one. The President thanked all who had been involved with it;
  2. Guild Walk: Chris had liaised with Wendy Mace, who has identified 1st October for this. (see Notice);
  3. future subscription amount: it was agreed that a proposal be put to the membership at the 2012 AGM to raise the sub to £5. The Treasurer will make the proposal with committee backing.

Next Meeting: 2nd June, Ilmington.