Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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From the Archives (100 yrs ago)

The Old FSG Minute Book records the following for the period 1st April to 31st June 1911:-

27th April 1911

The Third (Spring) Meeting of the Guild took place at Todenham on Thursday 27th April 1911. The Attendance was not so good as previously owing to the wet weather. Competitions commenced at 2pm and 4 towers entered, viz:- Shipston; Campden; Blockley and Longborough: In each part Shipston easily won. The order was as follows:-

 Rising & SinkingMarks  Round Ringing 
1Shipston30  1Shipston42
2Longborough12  2Campden38
3Campden4  3Longborough34
4Blockley-8  4Blockley32
 Call Changes   Method Ringing 
1Shipston42  1Shipston44
2Blockley38  2Longborough35
3Longborough34  3- - 
4Campden32  4- - 

Tea was held in the Farrier's Arms, to which about 50 sat down.

A special Service was held, the preacher being Canon Houghton, Vicar of Blockley and Chairman & President of the Guild.

After tea the Treasurer's account was passed and signed & Certificates awarded. Ringing continued till 9pm.

Messrs F A Case & W Large were the Judges in the Competitions.