Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Some old Guild members identified

When the photo taken of the Guild in April 1930 appeared in last April's Newsletter, I asked whether it might be possible to identify any of the members on it. Our President, John Nicholls, has managed quite a number, having rung with some of them in the past. Here are the results of John's labours. Can anyone else add more names?

Larger picture

If you think you can identify more old members, take a copy of this page, mark whichever old member you can identify in the same way as above and send the sheet to me. Post it, or, if you have a scanner, scan the information and it to me. Eventually, we can build up a single sheet with all the names on.

There are some old photos around which have the names of members on. These can provide valuable information, as proved by the photo in Great Wolford tower showing six ringers with the Old Shield in 1932. This photo provided four names for the above.

Chris Povey