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Something Different - A 'FIRST' for All

Within the FSG we have at least two ringers who have moved into the area and are used to ringing the 'Devon Peal', and method ringing is totally alien to them. With this in mind I had a closer look at '60 on 3rds' (outlined in Pam Copson's blue Follow-on book) and pondered as to whether I could call the changes.

The ringing practice at Whichford on Tuesday 30th November was not going too well; there were just six of us and the striking was rather poor.

I asked if I could try to call the Devon 60 on 3rds Peal and without much ado I did just that (no crib sheet or revision in the tower). It was a first time for all of us and made us concentrate perhaps more than normal. We closed the bells up, and without the open handstrokes the bells soon speeded along. A few minutes later it was successfully completed

So now perhaps there will be further opportunities to include our Devon Peal ringers. The ringers taking part in this performance were:-

Treble:Allen Turner (c)
2:Trevor Hobday
3:Peter Kenealy
4:Michael Cummings
5:Stuart Cummings
Tenor:Edwin Rose

I know this is of less note than a quarter peal, but I thought it was worth a mention.

Allen Turner

(I never underestimate the call-change ringing found in Devon and Cornwall. The standard of striking is supremely high, and the changes themselves are called very quickly. No method ringer should enter a Devon or Cornish tower with the idea they can show the locals a thing or two about ringing. I've rung with local bands down in those parts on a couple of occasions and been very much on my mettle to keep up with the quality of their striking. If you managed to meet the Devon/Cornish standards of striking, Allen, then your performance was well on a par with a quarter!
Details of the '60 on 3rds' peal is now in the Ringing World Diary. Ed)