Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Around the Towers

Quarter Peals

Stratford-on-Avon, Warks, 30th Sept, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Andrew Gunn 1, Robert Chadburn 2, Chris Righton 3, Michael Grey 4, Charles Wilson 5, John Nicholls 6, Michael Dane (C) 7, Mike Fairfax 8. Compliment to the National Farmers Union Insurance Co Ltd for the Centenary today of the formation of the Company.

Wellesbourne, Warks, 11th Oct, 1282 Lincolnshire S Major: Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 1, Ruth Border 2, Chris Mew 3, Alan Hartley 4, Sophia Lewis-Skeath 5, Karen French 6, John Nicholls 7, John Gwynne 8.

Chipping Campden, Glos, 31st Oct, 1264 Plain B Major: Freda Cleaver 1, Jane Gilbert 2, Richard Lewis-Skeath 3, Michael Haynes 4, George Osborn 5, Charles Wilson 6, John Nicholls (C) 7, James Trewin 8. Rung for All Saints day for 1st Nov 2010. 1st in tower for bell 2.

Great Wolford, Warks,, 11th Oct, 1320 Doubles (4m):Graham Allman 1, Michael Haynes 2, Rosemary Hemmings 3, Colin Meakes 4, Michael Dane (C) 5, Stuart Cummings 6

Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos, 1st Nov, 1280 Glyncorrwg D Major: Diana Reeves 1, Sophia Lewis-Skeath 2, Chris Mew (C) 3, Richard Lewis-Skeath 4, Peter Quinn 5, Alan Hartley 6, Mark Sayers 7, Robert Reeves 8.

Wellesbourne, Warks, 8th Nov, 1280 Oxford TB Major: Michael Gray 1, Alan Hartley 2, John Gwynne 3, Sophia Lewis-Skeath 4, Richard Lewis-Skeath 5, Chris Mew (C) 6, John Nicholls 7, Peter Quinn 8. Rung in memory of Percy Stone who died on 3rd November.

Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos, 21st Nov, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 1, Isobel Murphy 2, Jane Gilbert 3, Nick Allsopp 4, Keith Murphy 5, Rob Stansbury 6, John Nicholls (C) 7, David Adams 8. For the engagement of HRH Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton and for Nick's brief return from Saudi Arabia.

Swerford, Warks, 29th Nov, 1260 Plain B Doubles: Stuart Cummings 1, Michael Gray 2, Richard Hartwell 3, Rosemary Hemmings (C) 4, Michael Haynes 5.

Wellesbourne, Warks, 6th Dec, 1312 Yorkshire S Major: Chris Mew (C) 1, James Ingham 2, Sophia Lewis-Skeath 3, Karen French 4, John Nicholls 5, John Gwynne 6, Richard Lewis-Skeath 7, Peter Quinn 8. Wedding compliment to Andrew Quinn & Jenni Squire, married at Bolton Abbey 3/12/2010.

Mickleton, Glos, 13th Dec, 1280 Uganda S Major: Sophia Lewis-Skeath 1, Diana Reeves 2, Richard Lewis-Skeath 3, Robert Reeves 4, Peter Quinn 5, Chris Mew (C) 6, John Nicholls 7, Mark Sayers 8.

Wellesbourne, Warks, 3rd Jan2011, 1280 Ash S Major: Chris Mew (C) 1, Peter Quinn 2, Sophia Lewis-Skeath 3, Richard Lewis-Skeath 4 Diana Reeves 5, Robert Reeves 6, John Nicholls 7, Mark Sayers 8. To celebrate England retaining The Ashes. Also in memory of Pete Postlethwaite and a get well compliment to Kate Mier. Circled the tower - 4.

Tower News

Temple Guiting: the generous grant from the Guild (see p.4) puts this augmentation project very much further forward to completion. Gloucester DAC have agreed to the proposals, so when the last few hundred pounds required are obtained, the project is expected to proceed. This will probably be in April/May. Installation time is no longer than two days. The new treble will make a very nice, well-balanced ring of 6 – something the village intended to happen in 1970. And the Guild will have helped!

Lower Slaughter: there is some concern over the tenor here, as it's become rather 'clanky'. A visiting band of experienced ringers suggested it could be cracked, although an initial visual survey failed to find one. Taylors' bell master, Andrew Higson, has agreed to investigate the bell when he is in the area on February 12th, after which more definite information will be known.

Adlestrop: the PCC has asked for an inspection of the bell installation by English Heritage, to determine their position on removing the bellframe and disposing of the tenor.

Please let me have any information about what's happening in towers in the area. Ed