Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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2010 AGM & Striking Competition

The 2010 Guild Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday October 16th at Broadwell Village Hall. It was originally planned to have both the Striking Competition and the AGM at Broadwell, but ongoing building work at the Church prevented holding the Striking Competition there. That was moved to Moreton-in-Marsh (see front page). The church building works also prevented the AGM itself being held in the Church, as originally intended, so a last-minute shuffle of locations and times resulted in the AGM being held at an earlier time in the Village Hall, which had originally been booked for teas and other facilities while the Striking Competition was happening. Ah, the best laid plans, etc! We believe all who intended coming to the AGM had the information regarding the changes in time. We do not believe anyone turned-up at the originally-advertised time. If you did and therefore missed the event, the Committee apologises unreservedly.

As usual, an excellent tea was available. Thanks to all who contributed the food, and particular thanks to Stuart and Michael Cummings, who managed the domestics superbly. Move over Nigella, the Domestic Gods are here!

There were nominations and elections for the various posts. The 2010/2011 line-up of Guild Officers, Committee and other positions can be seen on page 2. One new face is Bill Nash (Ilmington) as Committee member. Another is Keith Murphy (Moreton), who becomes one of the Guild's CCCBR representatives from 1st May. Chris Povey is the other elected rep.

A major item of business was the proposal to set up a Guild Bell Fund, as advertised in the last two Newsletters. This was agreed unanimously. The Guild is now 'in business' to give grants to bell projects in the Guild's area of operation. Contact the Gen Secretary, Andrew Gunn, for an application form.

We were pleased to have Rev Dr Peter Newing with us. Peter is one of our Vice-Presidents and a long-standing friend of the Guild, having been a Guild member since its refounding in 1974 and who, of course, donated the Newing Shield to the Guild. Peter knows the FSG area well, as he was the Curate at Blockley in the mid/late 1960s.

The Minutes of this AGM are not available for this Newsletter, but will be published in the April issue.

Photos of members at the AGM (courtesy of Sophia L-S):-

Guild President John Nicholls, Bill Nash and Andrew Gunn (Gen. Sec) enjoy the tea.

The Domestic Gods, Stuart and Michael Cummings, with David Adams.

V-President Peter Newing and Chris Povey reminisce about something amusing.

2010 Striking Competition Results:

As last year, there were no entries for the Brazier Trophy this year, which was again disappointing, but the Newing Shield had four towers slugging it out: Mickleton, Ilmington, Wellesbourne and Moreton-in-Marsh, plus a scratch band. The judge was Chris Povey. The results of the contest were:-

Team 1 (Wellesbourne). Rang Plain Bob Minor

Rise: 4 faults; Method: 18½ faults; Fall: 16 faults. Total 38½ faults.

Comments: very good rise; method didn't fully settle, with different speeds and clipping evident; the fall was rushed, with some clipping and gaps between the front and back bells.

Team 2 (Mickleton). Rang April Day Doubles

Rise: 3½ faults; Method: 8 faults; Fall: 3 faults. Total 14½ faults

Comments: lovely rise in good time; method nicely rung at a lovely speed, but there was some major crunching at one point – and did it come round at one point soon after? Lovely fall, with only very minor clips.

Team 3 (Moreton). Rang Grandsire Doubles

Rise: 14½ faults; Method: 5½ faults; Fall: 5 faults. Total 25 faults.

Comments: rise had a problem in the middle; method a little shaky at start, but improved and settled better in the middle; fall generally very good, but some gaps gave faults.

Team 4 (Scratch band) Rang Plain Bob Minor

Rise: 7 faults; Method: 4 faults; Fall: 9½ faults. Total 20½ faults.

Comments: rise started well, but had some gaps and clips in the middle; method was a treat to listen to; fall in nice time, but some clips and gaps.

Team 5 (Ilmington). Rang Grandsire Doubles

Rise: 13½ faults; Method: 5½ faults; Fall: 3½ faults. Total 22½ faults.

Comments: nice time for rise, but clips and gaps in it; method quite nice, but rather quick initially, which may have caused a few gaps; very nice fall in a nice time.

Based on the above, the winning order was:-

  1. Mickleton (awarded the Newing Shield)
  2. Ilmington (awarded Spencer Jones Cup)
  3. Moreton
  4. Wellesbourne

Chris was asked whether a team ringing a false touch could win the contest. He replied the Rules state the judge's marking of the striking is final. False touches were not mentioned in the Rules, although they state that 'all other matters' shall be decided by the Committee. There was no confirmation from team 2 on whether the bells had come round during the method, although others listening had heard it. The team's conductor was asked whether this had occurred, but declined to say, despite three requests. Chris therefore referred this question to the Committee to consider and formulate a response. (See Committee meeting report for that response. Ed)