Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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El Presidente's Brain Teaser

A slight change to the norm here by El Presidente, with a mathematical problem (what do you expect from a maths teacher . . . ?). It's a delightful little problem, which will give non-crossword members a bit of a look-in. Here it is:-

St Michael's ringing chamber is rectangular. If it had been three feet longer and 1 foot wider, its area would increase by 81 square feet. If it had been 1 foot longer and 3 feet wider, its area would increase by 93 square feet. What are the dimensions of the ringing chamber - in good, old-fashioned Imperial yards, feet and inches?

Answers by post to El Presidente by August 1st 2010. Mark envelope 'FSG Brain Teaser'. Answer in the next Newsletter. The first correct answer opened after this date wins the traditional first prize of a night out with John at the pub. Second prize in abeyance this time.

Crossword addicts will be relieved to know their 'fix' will return in the next Newsletter.


El Presidente received no solutions to this crossword, correct or otherwise. Does this mean there are no crossword fans after all, or that the crossword itself was much too hard? (El Presidente tells me he thought it 'embarrassingly easy' this time - Ed) And the prize must be worth the effort expended - surely?