Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Isobel Murphy has taken over from Phyllis Brazier as the General Contact Point for the FSG Mid-Week Outings. and phone number is 01608-652466. Details of the FSG Mid-Week Tours can be found here.

NOTE: dates set for events in 2010 are:-

Mini Mouse Striking Comp:Saturday 14th August at Cold Aston
Autumn Walk:Saturday 25th September - NOTE CHANGE OF DATE
Guild AGM & Striking Comps:  Saturday 16th October October at Broadwell. PLEASE COME!!

Get them in your diary now!!

They are also in the calendar!

Back Issues of the FSG Newsletter wanted by the Central Council Library

This is another call for back issues of the Guild's Newsletter. The Librarian of the CCCBR's Library, John Eisel, has asked whether any - or all - back issues of the Newsletter might be available for the Library's collection. (The CC library is the most comprehensive collection of ringing books and information in existence.) If you have any duplicates, or have a collection you think might be better in the CC's library than taking up space in your home, then please get them to the General Secretary, Andrew Gunn. Please delve into little places that haven't been disturbed for a time.

This may be an appropriate time to suggest any collections of Newsletters that might otherwise get chucked out if circumstances change (Spring clean, house move, or . . . ) could be given to the Guild before the 'I didn't realise they were wanted, and if I'd known, etc' is uttered as the flames lick the hallowed pages, or the dust cart drives away.

Next issue of the FSG Newsletter

The deadline for the next issue of the FSG Newsletter (October 2010) is SEPT 13th 2010

This Newsletter survives only because of the contributions you make to it. Without them it will fail. Articles can be submitted to the undersigned via email or to the postal addresses shown above, or to any committee member.

Please contribute something, however small (or large). You would be surprised the things people enjoy reading about. A few suggestions: an historical item; a funny story; a quarter peal report; poems; puzzles; tales, events past and to come; a ringing tour, even! Send them in. They will all be welcome - and photos, too, you'll notice.

. . . . and don't worry if you think your handwriting is unintelligible. We can normally translate! Just get it to us.

The Newsletter Team: &

If sending articles by email, please use MS Word (not the dreaded Works*) format for written articles, JPG format for photos, and scanned items in PDF or JPG formats. (We have the facility to scan photo prints if you haven't.) Please let us know ownership of photos for acknowledgement where relevant. If you have a long article, you might consider breaking it into parts. (* If you've only got Microsoft Works, then Save As your article into Rich Text Format - ie, suffix .rtf - and send in this form.)

STOP PRESS!! The Guild's Minute Book dating from 1909 (ie from the Guild's original foundation) has come to light - in Wiltshire! More details in next Newsletter. Ed