Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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L-R: Chris Povey, John Nicholls, Jackie Hands, Mick Austin, Rob Harvey (between the ladies, of course!), Ted Copson, Sally Austin, Trevor Hobday, Peter Kenealy.

Rob Harvey's Birthday Quarter

The ring of six bells installed at Whichford in 1904 were augmented to the present excellent ring of eight in 1998 at the initiation of Rob Harvey, Tower Captain, who donated the new treble.

For very many years now Rob has organised and rung in a quarter peal to mark his birthday. On this occasion the band, all friends of Rob and all of whom had rung in the previous years, was put together by Peter Kenealy, and ringing took place on Rob's anniversary, 19th June, on a splendid summer's day.

It has always been a privilege and a pleasure to be invited to mark Rob's birthday in this way and it was particularly so this year. It had been thought that Rob might have felt unable to stand in the band. In the event however he took hold of the treble, although in the past he would have rung inside, and set the pace for a well-struck quarter without a falter. Chris Povey elected to be the reserve ringer and was very pleased to have to remain on the bench. In doing so, he noted that Rob, although not seeing too well now and mostly ringing by ear, struck his bell as accurately as the rest. (It was a delight to watch Rob. He never once looked tired. It was an impressive performance. CMP)

Whichford, Warks, Saturday 19th June 2010, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Rob Harvey 1, Ted Copson 2, Jackie Hands 3, Trevor Hobday 4, Mick Austin 5, Sally Austin 6, John Nicholls (C) 7, Peter Kenealy 8. To celebrate Rob Harvey's 92nd birthday this day

Ted Copson

(To be submitted for publication in The Ringing World)