Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Please, please remember subscriptions are due on 1st January, ie by the time you read this, you should have paid. The Treasurer () or the Membership Secretary () will be happy to take your money in exchange for a little bit of paper called a receipt. The subscription rate is £3, which is unlikely to break anybody's bank.

Peter Kenealy and John Nicholls had minor operations immediately before Christmas, Peter on a knee and John for a cataract. Reports suggest both ops were successful. Our best wishes to Peter and John in their convalescences and hope things progress as they should.

Where is the 'Mini-Mouse' (Minimus striking competition) Trophy? There is a rumour it may be at Stratford. Wherever it is, can it be returned, please (to any of the Committee members), as it will be required for when the competition is held again later this year.

Next issue of the FSG Newsletter

The deadline for the next issue of the FSG Newsletter (April 2010) is MARCH 13th 2010

This Newsletter survives only because of the contributions you make to it. Without them it will fail. Articles can be submitted to the undersigned via email or to the postal addresses shown above, or to any committee member.

Please contribute something, however small (or large). You would be surprised the things people enjoy reading about. A few suggestions: an historical item; a funny story; a quarter peal report; poems; puzzles; tales, events past and to come; a ringing tour, even! Send them in. They will all be welcome - and photos, too, you'll notice.

. . . . and don't worry if you think your handwriting is unintelligible. We can normally translate! Just get it to us.

The Newsletter Team: &

If sending articles by email, please use MS Word (not the dreaded Works) format for written articles, JPG format for photos, and scanned items in PDF or JPG formats.

Missing Newsletters

This is a plea for help from the Guild's Archivist (him wot looks after all the old stuff). Some of the Newletters in the Guild's collection are missing. These are:- nos 25, 86, 87, 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, 98 & 101. Does anyone have any of these issues and be prepared to donate them to the collection? If so, speak to , or .