Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Phyllis's Birthday Quarters

Phyllis Brazier celebrated a very significant birthday on Wednesday 2nd December. Two quarter peals were rung, one at Willersey and one at Offenham (cos 'er's 'n Off 'num girl). My 'gentleman's code of conduct' prevents me telling you the number of years involved, but an appropriate number of changes were rung in the Offenham quarter (er, no; it's not 28. . .).

Phyllis was at each quarter. At Willersey, I understand everyone went to The Bell Inn afterwards for a few rounds of . . . coffee!! (Hmmm, it wasn't quite coffee at Offenham . . . )

I'm sure all of us send Phyllis our best wishes, and hope she continues for at least as long again!

Willersey, Glos, 1st Dec

1260 Grandsire Doubles: David Hammond 1, Doug Bott 2, Mike Fairfax 3, Mark Newbury 4, Robert Chadburn (C) 5, Jane Hammond 6.

Colin Currill took the initiative on the Offenham quarter and organised it, but gallantly stepped aside to allow others to ring. He brought his camera to snap Phyllis and the band after the quarter. Being a film camera, the photo needed developing and printing. Unfortunately the adverse weather prevented Colin getting that done in time, so the photo will appear in the next Newsletter.

Offenham, Worcs, 4th Dec

1280 Grandsire Doubles: John Bolton 1, Doug Bott 2, Claire Penny 3, Steve Bowley 4, Chris Povey (C) 5, John Nicholls 6. Colin Currill is to be associated with this quarter.

For those who might be wondering, 80 changes of Grandsire Doubles can be obtained thus: B, P, S, P repeated (3rd observation).


Does anyone know the origin of our highly-academic motto AUDI VIDE TACE, and its meaning? Letters to the Editor on this one, please, so that a short article might result.