FSG Christmas Party at Cherington, Saturday December 19th

Come to the FSG Christmas Party at Cherington Village Hall on Saturday December 19th. This will be a fairly informal event, but there will be one or two specially-organised parts. (Rumour has it that Bill Nash is coming dressed as Father Christmas to do the Ho, ho, little girl: what would you like for Christmas bit: watch out, ladies!)

The evening is expected to pan out along the lines of:-

6:30 - 8.00pm
Ringing at Cherington (6, 5-3-22 in B, GF)
8:00 - whenever
Village Hall, where all talk of ringing will cease and frivolity will commence…

Bring a plate of food and some drink to pool, plus there will be a charge of £1 per head to cover the Village Hall.

FSG Annual Dinner, Saturday 6th February 2010: Advance Notice

A booking has been made at The Falcon Hotel, Stratford-on-Avon, for the Guild's Annual Dinner to be held there again. Tickets will be £21. More details in the next Newsletter.


There are rumblings at Adlestrop for a complete rehang of the 5 bells there. A bells sub-committee is due to be formed soon. The middle 3 bells were rung two years ago, during which a Structural Engineer pronounced the tower strong enough to withstand the bells ringing. The present bellframe is time expired, so this is likely to be replaced. The tenor is cracked, so the ring may use the 4th bell as the tenor. This, together with a better rearrangement of the bells, should eliminate any worries about the crack in the tower's west wall. Recent work resulted in the treble becoming ringable, so the front 4 bells were rung for the Harvest Festival Service on 27th September. Future ringing will be very strictly controlled, due to the present condition.

At Offenham, Phyllis Brazier has handed over the tower captaincy reins to Claire Penny. The practice night there has now changed to Tuesdays, 7.00 to 8.30pm.


For any alterations to this programme, check Campanophile or on this new, embryonic, Four Shires Guild web-site.

Meetings are from 7.30pm until 9.00pm unless otherwise stated. All are welcome. You do not have to be a Four Shires Guild member and we are especially pleased if members of the local band wish to come along and ring.

There is apparently a feeling that the standard of these practices is too high and the support of local ringers has dwindled. This has been noted and the types of methods rung will, wherever possible, be adjusted to suit those present. Please don't let these practices pass into obscurity through lack of support.

The Guild carries Public Liability insurance through the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group for all its activities. Non-members attending these activities are also covered by this insurance, providing they abide fully by the Guild's Health & Safety and Child Protection policies.